One of the greatest secrets of birding is having clear cut images in your eyes. And while a great set of binoculars might help you in doing that, there are a few tips that you have to know to possibly get the top rated experience and extra clear images with your set of binoculars. Here are some of these vital tips that will guarantee a crystal clear focus with your binoculars.

Adjust the Barrels

If you are getting your binoculars for the very first time, one of the things that you should pay attention to are the barrels. Check and make sure that the exact distance between the binocular barrels lines up with your eyes. This should help you to get your sight on one image when you look through your binocular lenses.

Adjust Eye-cups

The next thing that you should do is to take a look at the eyecups. Adjusting the eyecups will depend on whether you are wearing glasses or not. For birdwatchers who wear glasses, it is important that you keep your eyecups down. While for watchers that prefer the use of their bare eyes, you should keep the eyecups rolled up. This will leave you with an easy control time and less distractions as you watch on.

Set the Diopter

Finally, the one thing that might also cause trouble when ignored is the diopter. A diopter is a major feature in any set of binoculars. It helps to compensate for the difference between your eyes. However, if not set properly, there are high chances that you won’t get the clear view that any bird watcher dies for. Here is how you set the diopter.

Step I

Find the diopter adjustment knob. The knob is usually set or fixed around the right eyecup. It lies between the eyecup and the main body of the binocular. Most diopter setting knobs come in a grooved ring to provide you with enough grip to easily tighten or loosen the diopter until you get the proper adjustment.

Step II

Start by setting up the diopter at the center. To do this, simple align the main calibration mark on the diopter knob with the mark between the (- and +) and which is usually marked 0 (zero). This is usually the standard setting for the eyes.

Nonetheless, you can also set the diopter directly with your eyes so that you end up with a spectacular view. You can do this manually by covering your right eye at the very top of the lens and turning the focus wheel so that your left eye focuses down on the object until it is crystal clear or sharp.

Follow this by covering your left eye and looking at the same object through your right eye. If the object is sharp like before, you can go ahead and enjoy your view. However if it isn’t sharp; adjust your right eye view with the diopter adjustment knob/ wheel accordingly. With this done, you should be ready to go.

Moving on, and once the diopter is set, you’ll never need to make the adjustment again. However, it’s important that you take not of your diopter wheel setting in case it’s moved out of place.


When you spot a bird, you should keep looking at while you lift the binoculars to your eyes. Follow this by turning the binocular’s focus wheel until you get a crystal clear image. And remember, it is never a bad idea to take a peek at the surrounding environment too.

With your binoculars set, it is time to enjoy your favorite sport. Birding is quite refreshing and will leave you with some of the most memorable times of your lives. One more advice; you can always keep count of the different types of birds that you have watched!