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About Me

My name is Scott Jones and I’m a 37-year old biologist from Maryland. I have an Msc in Systematic Biology and Ecology. I love to spend time in nature, watching birds and their habitats, and traveling to different continents to study wildlife.

Since my childhood I have always loved nature. I remember going birding with my dad with his lovely pair of binoculars. Over time, I have come to share my personal experiences about using high-quality binoculars over a number of social media platforms. Initially, I didn’t pay so much attention to it as all I was doing was to share what I knew with the fellows.

Nonetheless, the never-ending positive comments and the endless requests that I give more led me into creating this high-quality binoculars blog. In here, I have strived to give the very best of the binoculars world to all my readers and the world at large.

The information that you will get from this blog, including the products reviews has been influenced by nothing but hours of research, personal experiences with some of these high-end binoculars, and the tons of questions that I have to contend with from my readers.

I am glad that we got here and that we have been able to create a comprehensive website with all the information that you might want on binoculars.

Why Trust Us With Your Binocular Need


Apart from just having the interest in binoculars, I have been professionally trained on how to use and handle binoculars. I have researched extensively, and also incorporated some of the best minds in the industry.

To the Point

The information that you will, therefore, find in this website is not entirely mine but a collection of well-informed people with proper training and experience in handling high-quality binoculars too.

Best Info

Our intention is to make sure that every birder, game watcher, or astronomer out there gets the best gadget for their sport. That’s why our team is also composed of different experts and people with various binoculars experiences and hobbies.