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Rangefinder binoculars are more or less similar to the traditional binoculars but unique in that they have distance measuring capabilities.

This type of binoculars is best suited for people who are actively involved in outdoor activities such as hunting, marine or military uses since they allow you to calculate the distance between you and the target.

Rangefinder binoculars work in 2 ways:

  1. Using a laser light, the target is zoomed in and the image reflected to the rangefinder. The time it takes for that laser light to be shot out and reflected relays how far the target is to the user.
  2. Using a scaled reticle in the view that you can use to figure out the distance.

Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages and the type ideal for you depends on your intended use and budget.

Below is a list of best affordable rangefinder binoculars that are currently in the market and are quite popular among buyers.

Laser Rangefinder Binoculars

Laser rangefinder binoculars are expensive than the reticle rangefinder binoculars. They give accurate measurement quicker to use.

However, they have their own disadvantages and that is the lower range finding capacity than that of the reticle rangefinders. Their range finding capacity depends on the object’s size and reflectivity. The higher the reflectivity and size of the object, the higher the distance and accuracy the rangefinder can provide.

Dull and dark animal hair reflects less effectively and hence laser rang-finding binoculars may not give you reading more than 1000 yards.


  • Gives most accurate reading
  • Quicker and easier to use
  • Can provide ballistic information for more precise distance


  • They are expensive
  • Can’t give longer distance reading
  • Need a power source (battery installment)
  • Ranging over water may give false readings

Reticle Rangefinder Binoculars

Reticle Rangefinder binoculars are cheaper than laser rangefinder binoculars. They may not give as accurate measurements as laser rangefinder binoculars but they can give you highest range readings.

These type of  binoculars use a scaled reticle in the view that you can use to calculate distance. To use the reticle, you will need to match the object being viewed or ranged to the silhouette that is closest in shape and read the indicated yardage.

The distance can be found by with the help of a simple formula or by silhouettes that enable more swift ranging without calculations.


  • Can measure long range distance
  • Less expensive compared to laser rangefinder
  • Can measure the height and width of an object
  • Not required power source (battery installment)


  • Gives less accurate measurements
  • Slower method of distance measurement

Rangefinder Binoculars Reviews

Below are the full rangefinder binoculars reviews

The Bushnell Fusion 1-Mile ARC Binocular Laser Rangefinder

When describing this model, what comes to mind is efficiency. It is easy to use since it is operated with a push button and it being multipurpose makes it suitable to be used in other activities apart from hunting and outdoor sports.

Installed with the capabilities of a laser rangefinder, the quality of this pair is superb plus it can measure between 10 -1760 yards.

The new XTR technology infused in this rangefinder binocular provides and maximizes on the ultimate transmission of light. Its precision and clarity are enhanced with its magnification power of 10×42.

You need not to worry about humid conditions as it has a water-proof casing which protects it from such conditions. It is not only affordable but durable due to its multi-coated casing for protection in case of falls.


  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Durable and its quality is outstanding
  • Clear and precise due to XTR technology
  • Fitted with water-proof casing
The Vortex Fury HD Laser Rangefinder Binoculars

This Vortex binoculars model is designed primarily to be used during hunting. The impressive features of this pair include multi-coated optics, laser rangefinder and it being HD.

Since it is a laser rangefinder, it can be operated in various modes making it easier scan and relay data on a moving target.

Furthermore, it allows you to correct the angle set and it operates in a range of 10-1600 yards. Lowly lit scenarios need not to worry you as you can use this rangefinder binocular in dimly lit areas.

It has a magnification power of 10×42 and an eye relief of 16mm. Additional features include weight of 31.8 oz, phase corrected and dielectric coatings on the roof prisms and it is both fog and waterproof.


  • Its optics are multi-coated
  • It is easy to operate even in dimly lit areas
  • It is fog proof and water proof
  • It is affordable compared to other brands
  • Its HD feature makes the picture quality top-notch


  • The yard range is lower than other brands
Luna Optics Rangefinder Binocular 8x42 LD-BN842-LRF

This is one of the laser rangefinder binoculars currently in the market that features a long-range measurement system. The distance is measured in both meters and yards. It also has lightning-quick response time. As a user you can be sure of good quality images. The fully multicoated lenses facilitate exceptional light transmission.

Be it daytime or dusk, you are bound to carry on as usual because of its large eyepieces. The lenses are protected as well from damaging elements. Its twist-up eyecups with multiple positions are comfortable to use and are great for capturing a moving target and accurate distance reading.


  • Response time is super-fast
  • Distance measured in meters and yards
  • Exceptional light transmission
  • Built-in tripod mount


  • Lower magnification power
Nikon Aculon Al11 Lrf - Clam

The Aculon 6×20 laser rangefinder is designed for hunting (distance target priority mode). So even if your desired target is obscured by trees and bushes, still it can provide you with accurate measurement.

It has a 6x magnification power and is fitted with a 20mm objective lens. It is engineered with 16.7 mm long eye relief that makes it convenient for eyeglass users.

If smaller is better then the Nikon Aculon 6×20 laser rangefinder should be your top priority among the others. It measures only 3.6 inches long by 2.9 inches high and is just 1.5 inches wide. The plastic body makes it extremely lightweight (4.4 oz), compact and portable. I just love it’s super portability and compact design.

The power button and range-finder button are same. One simple click will turn on the reticle on the screen and the next clicks will active the range-finder readings instantly that means the laser acts super great! One single press on the button give you accurate reading from 5 to all the way out to 500 meters. You can set the measuring unit either in meter or yards.

You can also press the button and hold it for few seconds to find continuous measurements. This function is really helpful especially when I feel shaky either on any vehicle or when I walk.

The grip is very comfortable and fits easily in my palm. I can easily slip it in my pant-packet.

Although the lenses are multi-coated, its display is not illuminated thus it gets harder to use it in dimly lit scenarios such as at dawn or dusk.


  • It is small and portable
  • It is affordable
  • Comes with a CR2 Type battery


  • It is water resistant but not waterproof
  • Accurate distance measurement capacity is only up to 500 meter.