Best Binoculars for Children

Best Binoculars for Children

Your little one is a budding scientist, birdwatcher or just the kid interested in the wider world. A pair of real binoculars for kids may give your budding explorers the sense of outdoor expeditions.

If the kids are too young, they may struggle to use top-end binoculars. In that case, a simple pair of ‘real binoculars’ may provide just enough magnification without causing eye strain. However, finding best budget binoculars for kids could be challenging.

Children Binoculars

Children Binoculars


To make your work easy, I have compiled some of the best binoculars for children for outdoor adventures. Read through these best binoculars for kids reviews and see what great options we have compiled for you today.

Levenhuk Rainbow 8×25
  • Make/Model:Levenhuk Rainbow 8x25
  • Magnification: 12x
  • Objective Diameter: 32mm
  • IPD:40-76 mm
  • FOV: : 399ft/7.6°
  • Prism: Roof (BaK-4, MC)
  • Eye-relief:10.1mm
  • Eyecups:Twist-up
  • Weight:280 g
  • Price: Under $100
National Geographic 8×21
  • Make/Model:National Geographic 8×21
  • Magnification: 08x
  • Objective Diameter: 21mm
  • IPD:42-72 mm
  • FOV: : 362ft/6.91°
  • Prism: Roof (BK-7, FC)
  • Eye-relief:10mm
  • Eyecups:Rubber Foldable
  • Weight:170 g
  • Price: Under $100
Carson RD Series 8×42
  • Make/Model:Carson JD-822 Scout 8×22
  • Magnification: 08x
  • Objective Diameter: 22mm
  • IPD:52-72 mm
  • FOV: : 420ft/8.00°
  • Prism: Roof (BK-7, FC)
  • Eye-relief:10mm
  • Eyecups:Fixed position
  • Weight:167 g
  • Price: Under $100
Barska Colorado 12×25
  • Make/Model:Barska Colorado 12×25
  • Magnification: 12x
  • Objective Diameter: 25mm
  • IPD:44-72 mm
  • FOV: : 294ft/5.6°
  • Prism: Roof (BK-7, FC)
  • Eye-relief:11mm
  • Eyecups:Fixed position
  • Weight:381g
  • Price: Under $100
Carson RD Series 8×42
  • Make/Model:Celestron Outland X 8×25
  • Magnification:8x
  • Objective Diameter: 25mm
  • IPD:56-72 mm
  • FOV: : 430ft/8.2°
  • Prism: Roof (BaK-4, MC)
  • Eye-relief:10mm
  • Eyecups:Twist-up
  • Weight:286g
  • Price: Under $100 (26% off)
Levenhuk Rainbow 8x25

In my quest to understand how the best binoculars work, I have met some cool brands. However, it has taken sometime before I got another great kid’s binoculars. Luckily, last month when I was out searching, I bumped on the Levenhuk Rainbow 8×25 binocular for kids.

I took my time to test it for a few weeks. And I was glad to find out what a top binocular it is. If your kid loves to watch nature, study animals, or gaze at the lovely sky, buy them Levenhuk- Rainbow 8×25.

Why Levenhuk Rainbow 8×25?

Seven Striking Colors

It’s common knowledge. Kids love gadgets that appear to be really cool. Colors, on the other hand, make gadgets to look cool. Levenhuk Rainbow 8×25 knows this best and offers 7 different bright colors for kids to choose from. This means that your kid cannot miss out on a color that fascinates them.

Perfect Dimensions

Kids have very tiny hands. Their hands are still developing. Due to this, they need a gadget that is not too heavy or too big. Levenhuk wins it here too. The binocular measures 10cm x 6.5cm x4.5cm (3.9in x2.6in x 1.8in) in dimensions.

When I gave my daughter the gadget, it fit in her hands perfectly.  In simple terms, the gadget is perfect-fit design for kids. However, when the eyecups are twisted the instrument gives a maximum length of 10.6cm. But this wasn’t a problem for my gal at all.

Inter-Pupillary Distances (IPD)

Another major concern when it comes to the kid’s binocular is the IPD. IPD is the distance between the two eyes compared to the two lenses when the binocular is fully stretched. If you are buying for a kid, you need a smaller IPD.

Thankfully, this device understands this. Levenhuk Rainbow 8×25 uses a double hinge design. This technology enables you to adjust the distance between the eyecups (IPD) to perfectly match that of your kid’s eyes.

According to my experiment, you’ll get a far wider range of easy adjustments than you would on a single hinge. The maximum IPD on Levenhuk is 7.6cm, while the minimum is 3.5cm. This makes them ideal for kids since they have closer set eyes.

BaK-4 Roof Prisms

This set of binoculars also uses a roof prism to correct the inverted image. You will notice this because of its straight optical path. The prism is made out of a BaK-4 glass like you will find out from the best Levenhuk reviews.

BaK-4 glass is very good. It is considered much more superior to the BK7 glass prisms used in regular devices. Thanks to the BaK-4 glass higher refractive index which allows it to deliver brighter high-quality images.

Anti-Reflection Coatings

Right from the moment a light strikes on a glass surface, it can be reflected in an undesired manner. When this happens, the final image quality and brightness is often interfered with. That’s why you will find color aberrations in low-quality binos.

To correct this, high-end optic devices will use fine coatings with anti-reflection materials. These high-end bins are called Fully Multi-Coated Lenses. In these binos, every surface will use multiple coatings. However, in Levenhuk Rainbow “Multi-Coated Lenses” are used. This means the image is better than in regular binos.

NOTE: Levenhuk Rainbow doesn’t use Full but just Multi Coated Lenses. In this case, only some lenses (outer surfaces of the objective and ocular lenses) use multiple coatings. This is still a bonus for a kid’s bino.

Optical Features

Finally, Levenhuk binoculars have a wide field of view (FOV).  At 1,000 yards away, you will get a 399ft wide field of view. This wide FOV will offer your kid many benefits. For instance, it will make it easier and quicker for them to locate an image.

From small, fast moving birds, to huge wildlife, your little gal will easily observe their favorite game without having to move.


  • Multi-Coated Lenses
  • 399ft wide field of view
  • BaK-4 glass
  • 8X magnification power
  • 14mm eye relief
  • 25mm objective lens diameter


  • Water and fog-proof
  • 7 different bright colors
  • Wide field of view
  • Easy to operate/ focus
  • Light with ideal IPD


  • Complex user manual
  • Limited warranty

I can go on and on about the Levenhuk Rainbow Binoculars. Yes, the binocular is water and fog-proof and comes with twist-up eyecups. It has a 14mm eye relief, 8X magnification power, and a 25mm objective lens diameter. However, I will end it here as the most intricate features are already done.

National Geographic 8×21 Pocket Binoculars

Optical devices such as kid’s binoculars have always proven to be hard to settle on. I remember the very first time I picked one for my daughter and the barrels didn’t fit her eyes. It was really disappointing- I must admit.

Thankfully, I learnt from it and today I have helped many parents to avoid the same mistake I did.

When choosing a kid’s binocular, there are quite a number of things to look at. And let me point out this; you don’t need a cheap device with limited functionalities. Neither do you need a device that if damaged will cost you so much to fix.

Thankfully there are a number of functional binoculars that will work really well. I have chosen one such device to show you what to look out for in a great kid’s bino. The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 8X21:

When I first received this pair to review I wasn’t spontaneously in love with it. I never do, especially after the experience I had with my little girl.

However, when I took a closer look, I was amazed with this compact binocular. In my view I can confidently recommend it for an all-round use. But what makes it click?

Compact and Light

The fact that this binocular is compact and super light at 170 grams makes it really ideal for kids. With hands that aren’t fully developed, a feather like weight will go a long way. Your kid won’t feel tired and they will spend much time enjoying their view.

Standard Magnification

The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 8X21 bino has an 8x magnification power and an objective lens diameter of 21mm. This is cool for kids. The presence of low or standard magnification power allows kids to easily lock their image.

Wider Objective Lens Diameter

A 21mm objective lens diameter is not great but good enough for children. It provides a decent field of view – in this case 121m at 1000m which is really awesome for kids.

High Quality Optics

Everything that I have mentioned above is same old I guess. However, there are a few pips that makes this device different.

  • BaK-7 Roof Prisms

Unlike many child binos you will find, these come with Bak-7 roof prisms. Which means; they are designed to produce crispy and sharp images.

  • Fully Multi Coated Lenses

Rarely will you find FMC lenses on a poor optic device. The fact that you can find them on a kid’s bino is even a big bonus. FMC lenses improve light transmission and leave your kid with bright, clear, and high quality images.

Adjustable Interpupilary Distance

More importantly I was blown away by the adjustable Interpupilary distance on this optics. The distance is super cool and allows your kid to easily set the lenses right above their eyes. Thanks to the optics foldable design and an adjustable IPD of between 41.67 mm and 71.97 mm.


With an easy to use center focus knob, a metallic body, and a foldable design. This kid’s optic is the best option for a long lasting buy.

These Carson JD-822 scout bins are excellent low-cost binoculars designed for children! They are designed to provide kids with easy use and a rewarding enjoyment. Don’t get them cheap toys, they are certainly kore than just a toy.

The JD-822 SCOUT binocular is best for kids. But in my own opinion, it’s also great for adults too. It is a Carson Compact Binocular that with reasonable care will leave your kid with many years of enjoyment.

Designed for Small Faces

The JD-822 SCOUT is designed for small faces. It offers a minimum Interpupillary Distance (IPD) which is the smallest distance between one eye and the next. This means the binoculars can be easily adjusted (by moving its two barrels closer together) until you get the perfect lens alignment with the eyes.

A Standard Magnification

Like we have pointed out in many of our children’s binoculars reviews, standard magnification power is ideal for kids. The same applies to lower magnification. It makes it easier for their unsteady hands to easily keep the image under view still. And that’s why this 8X magnification power is a blast for my and your young girl.

Very Light in Weight 

Here is great news. Not only does the JD-822 SCOUT offer wider view for your child to lock their image, it also weighs less. At only 16 ounces your kid will easily hold this optical device for long for full enjoyment.

Top Class Optics

Until now you must be wondering “what the big difference between the JD-822 SCOUT and the other children’s binoculars is”. I’ve got the answer for you.

  • Fully Multi-Coated Optics – FMC

JD-822 SCOUT uses FMC lenses. Not all kids’ optics devices have FMC lenses, but the best do. FMC lenses play a very vital role in making sure your kid gets a bright, clear, and high quality images.

  • BK-7 Prisms

This bino also comes with the BK-7 prisms that provide sharp, crisp, and bright images. I know they don’t offer the same quality as the BK- 4 glass but getting them on a kid’s binocular is a big plus.

Quality and Easy Binocular Focus

Finally, JD-822 also offers an easy to reach center focus knob. The knob offers detailed clarity. It works so well to fine-tune the optic’s crisp viewing upon adjustment and when combined with the independent right diopter.


This binocular is particularly suited to outdoor activities, sporting events, and concerts. However, they are best for kids as they come with a warranty and offer an ergonomic shape to hold onto with smaller hands.

Barska Colorado 12x25 Binoculars

I was asked to test and give a review on Barska Colarado children binoculars. My review team was curious to see if they are any good for the kids. In a nutshell: they liked these binoculars and added them to our top list of kids binoculars review.

So what did we focus on?

Remember, it’s a kid’s bino. Kid’s bino like you have seen above focuses on specific features. These are the main features I also chose to focus on when reviewing the Barska Colorado 12×25 Binocular. Hopefully they help you too.

Ideal for Tiny Hands

Weighing 13.45 ounces and measuring 4 x 1.8 x 4 inches in dimension, you can see how compact this bino is. It is light in weight and offers an easy to carry design. The binocular is also easy to store in your kid’s tinny pockets.

So, whether you are going hiking, sporting, kid’s concerts, or birding, the Colorado 12×25 is the perfect accessory for kids.

Adjustable Barrels

The adjustable barrels make this device easy to fit on small faces. Thankfully this device offers minimum Interpupillary Distance (IPD).

This is usually the smallest distance between one eye and the next. The distance kid’s faces usually have.

So in case you want to adjust the Barska to fit your kid it’s easy. Simply do that by moving the two barrels closer together. This is done using the flexible designed barrels that will easily move towards or away from each other.

Remember to be careful when doing this. Don’t exceed the limits but rather do it until you find the perfect lens alignment with your kid’s eyes.

Striking Yellow Color

I am thinking of a better way to put it. You see, kids are often drawn to their toys due to how attractive they are.

Striking colors draws their attention and it’s kind of vital to focus on a cool color rather than a dull one if you are buying for children. And that’s where the 12×25 binoculars by Barska beats the rest.

Great Optics Buy

Now to more serious affair; why does the 12×25 binocular by Barska equate a great buy? Here is why.

  • 12X Magnification Power

A good magnification power is great and kids love to see distant objects. Thankfully, this set of binocular comes with a “fixed” 12x magnification.

This makes it easier for your kid’s unsteady hands to easily keep their targeted image under view pretty still.

In short, the magnification power makes it an ideal all-round device. The device will therefore work super well for long-range viewing, bird watching, hiking, or possibly sightseeing.

  • BK-7 Roof Prism

This pair of binoculars uses BK-7 Roof Prism. Well I wouldn’t appreciate the BK-7 glasses on an adult bino: simply because they are of lower quality unlike BK- 4. However, for a kid’s binocular they still make a pretty cool optic.

  • Fully Coated Optics

FMC optics lenses boost light transmission in the binocular and eventual image clarity. The more light allowed the better the transmittance rate “sometimes”. Read more about transmittance.

It’s always good to see these FMC lenses at this price range.

  • Easy to Use Focus Knob

Barska uses a central focus knob. The knob is easy to use and will give your kid detailed clarity in no time. It helps to fine-tune the optic’s crystalized viewing upon proper adjustment. Find the knob where the two barrels meet.

  • Waterproof Technology

Barska claims this device is waterproof and fogproof. But I’m afraid in my test I didn’t found it waterproof.

Safely Encased

It comes encased in rubber armors for maximum protection against falls, impact, and scratches.

Built-In Neck Strap

Well, a light weight build coupled with a neck strap not only provides an easy on-the-go viewing for everyone but kids also. And that’s why this binocular is great for kids if you don’t want to be dragged behind.

The Outland X is suitable for older kids and it feels very premium at hand while using. Celestron is renowned for their low-cost optics that performs really well, and the Outland X is no exception.

When I got it for this review, my review team was curious to see if it was worth the hassle. I must admit that I was impressed when I looked at it.

Compact and Easy to Hold

The Outland X is super ideal for older kids. It is very small and cute and pretty much easy to hold. Your little kid can therefore have some good time without necessarily nursing a painful wrist before going to bed.

Waterproof Design

I mentioned before that kids are quite playful and you can bet their optics will get water somewhere. However, with an airtight, waterproof, and fog proof design, water and moisture will be the least of your concerns. Your kid can therefore enjoy awesome freedom when out birding too!

Armored Exterior

And to make children play an awesome time for all, best optics designers need to protect their devices from falls and breakages.

An armored exterior is the way to go. Celestron Outland X understands this and provides your kids with additional casing for the same.

Top Gear Kid’s Optic

Yet while the points I have highlighted adds to the quality of this device, they are the last determinants. Many other features also will come to play if your kid has to have a time of their life.

  • 8x Magnification

Outland X binocular offers a powerful 8X magnification. This makes it easy for your kids to view objects without straining. More importantly it makes it easy for your kid to keep their images still.

That’s why most experts will recommend a standard or lower magnification power on a kid’s bino.

  • Wide Objective Lens Diameter

A 42mm Objective Lens Diameter with a roof prism; that’s really awesome! It might surprise you to find it in this kid’s binocular. But don’t be. That’s what I mean by pricey but affordable. In short a great price with tons of cool features!

  • Fully Multi-Coated Lenses

Because this device uses a roof prism it needs an FMC lense to maximize its transmittance rate. This is because roof prisms usually has single surface that doesn’t provide total internal reflection.

So the use of FMC lenses – dielectric coating will easily maximize its performance. It will boost the transmittance and finally the clarity of the image.

  • Center Focus System

I don’t fancy center focus systems for kids. They seem to be quite complicated for a learner. But what better choice for a binocular your kid can grow with than a center focus system binocular? In fact it is a great bonus to have on a kids play device.

The center focus button comes with an adjustable eyecup. This when properly focused will leave your kids with sharp and crystal clear images. And thanks to its integrated diopter correction, your kid can easily adapt to a personal setting.

  • Bak4 Prisms

The Celestron Outland X includes BaK-4 prisms which is a great bonus on such an affordable feat. Especially when designed for those playful little angels BaK-4 prisms can maximize the viewing experience every day.

Choosing the Best Binoculars for Kids

If you have finally decided to gift your kid with any of these best binocular for kids, these tips will help you to make a better and much more informed choice. They have helped many parents before and we hope you will find them to be helpful too.

Low Magnification

Most children will be quite happy with say just a few times the magnification power. Indeed, low magnifications are easy to focus and will prevent these inexperienced hands from having to go through so much pain to get the right focus.

We suggest going with a magnification power that works from 2x to 8x so that these unsteady hands can easily lock their images.

Interpupillary Distance

This refers to the exact distance between your eyepieces. In kids, this distance is often shorter and closer than for the adults; meaning that they need the lowest interpupillary distance that can easily fit them.

Durability/ Robustness

Typically, there isn’t anything as adult-durable or kid-durable. Every binocular is prone to more or less the same hazards.

Because of this, you need to determine a binocular with some of the best coatings around the shell. We suggest getting a high-end waterproof design and at the same time a rubberized armor where possible. Also, think of going for a tough case with enclosed moving parts.


The weight is also very important. Remember what we have mentioned above. Your kid’s limbs are still developing. Therefore, they might not hold the same weight as you would for lengthier periods.

Going for something quality, ultra-light in weight, but at the same time very compact shouldn’t, therefore, be entirely off the cards.


Kid-proof warranties aren’t common really. But there are a few manufacturers who have dared to dream and offer such options apart from the lifetime warranties that many binocular models offer.

We all love our kids. And because we do, we always want the best for them. Gifting them with the Best Binoculars for Safaris this coming vacation will be a good gig to go with. However, you must make sure that depending on their age, expertise with binoculars, and more specifically size, you get them an easy to manage set of binoculars.