6 Things to do Before the Deer Hunting Season

For many wildlife watchers, the deer season is the best part of the year. They love the smell of earth, coupled with wild trails as they focus on their favorite herds for the best shots and close-ups right under their binoculars.

We know how much of a thriller the experience can be. That’s why we give you some of the top five things that you should do in preparation for the next deer season. Read on to get your guns ready with every tip that counts.

Get Into Shape

Not everyone loves the sacrifice that comes with body workout and trying to get into shape – I don’t. However, sometimes it all about doing the right thing; with your body in shape, hunting deer will be pretty easy and enjoyable.

For deer hunting, body workout isn’t enough to do the trick. Well, it will help you to build on endurance, but stealth and precision will come in handy too. That’s why it’s pretty important that you learn how to set up tree stands; shoot a bow, and possibly how to drag a dead deer through the woods.

So get in to shape so you can endure the long hours on freezing deer stands without necessarily giving up and going back home empty-handed. Remember, it’s supposed to be an enjoyable time. Keep practicing, improve your routine, and before you know it, you will be ready for the imminent deer season.

Check Your Gear

Once you are into shape, you should be geared up for the season. Inspect your deer hunting equipment and replace what needs to be replaced. You should also fix any broken or damaged equipment. If you have a working gear, it will be pretty easy for you to enjoy a highly efficient deer hunting spree.

Some of the gear that will need checking and servicing are your deer hunting gun and sharpening your hunting knives too.


This is the most vital skill of all. You need to take some time and hit the wood. The idea is to get a grip on where the deer eat, sleep, and how they move around. Knowing the topography, terrain, and how the deer move will help you a lot when hunting season actually arrives.

In addition to that, you can also learn the deer diet and vital habits within your area so that you get an upper hand when the time comes around.


Apart from all these, it is also very important that you service your deer hunting gun and take some refresher lessons on shooting. Putting in some work now is very important so that you don’t rue so much lost opportunities when hunting time comes.

Feeling rusty when it comes to the time of pulling the trigger might be a great turn and will easily take you home empty-handed. So work out on the rough edges and ensure that you are as smooth as they get.

Get a Binocular

A hunting binocular will be an added advantage. It will help you to trail your hunt and more specifically even get the exact range to where the deer is so that you don’t end up shooting blanks.

Check the Regulations

It is advisable that you hunt within the law. Going outside the required codes of conduct will lead to hefty penalties. The best way to do this is to ensure that you always get your local state laws directory or regulation book that’s in line with hunting policies and regulations.

Once you have the regulations booklet, take your time to make sure that you familiarize yourself with all the details including the maps and also the game information. You should even double-check the hunting zones and the dates so that you don’t end up hunting before the date is officially opened.

There are a thousand ways to skin a cat. If you loath the thoughts of long workout hours, going with long-distance walks and jogging will always do the trick. Personally, I would prefer a hike around the weekends or simply squeezing in some bodyweights around the house on a routine basis – just anything that can get me ready for my trophy buck!

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